('ifs' & 'thens ' )

0 - Conditional
Always happens
If | Present Simple | Present Simple
If I study, I pass my exams.
If I swim, I stay in shape.
1st - Conditional
If | Present Simple | Future Simple
If I study, I will pass my exams.
- (hoping to pass) -
If I swim, I will stay in shape.
2nd - Conditional
Not happening,
but could have..
If | Past Simple | Modal 2 | Present Sinple
If I studied, I would pass my exams.
- (didn't study & wouldn't pass) -
If I swam, I would stay in shape.
- (not staying in shape; didn't swim) -
3rd - Conditional
Didn't happen,
the opposite did..
If | Past Perfect | Modal 2 | Present Perfect
If I had studied, I would have passed my exams.
- (didn't study & didn't pass) -
If I had swam, I would have stayed in shape.
- (not in shape; didn't swim) -
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