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Present Simple tense

Better English; Rationale:
Facts | recurrences | habits | routines
| regularities | cycles
Verb 'To Be'
[am / are / is]
I am
You / we / they are
She / he / it  is
Positive | affirmative
Person | To Be | description.
I am happy.
This dog is mine.
You are a dog owner.
This is your dog.
This dog is yours.
Person | To Be | not | descr...
I am not happy.
This dog is not mine.
You are not a dog owner.
This is not your dog.
This dog isn't yours.
To Be | Person | ..?
Am I happy?
Is this dog mine?
Are you a dog owner?
Is this your dog?
Is this dog yours?
Negative Questioning
To Be | Person | not | ..?
Am I not happy?
Is this dog not mine?
Are you not a dog owner?
Is this not your dog?
Is this dog not yours?
Verbs - action
 I/You/We/They | verb | ...
I celebrate happiness frequently.
We wash our cars every week.
You feed your  dog daily. 
They walk their dogs daily as well.
Third Person Singular Structure
 He/She/It | verb | s/es | ...
She celebrates happiness joyfully.
He washes his cars every week.
It feeds your  dog daily. 
Johnny walks his dog daily as well.
Verbs negative action
 I/you/we/they | do | not | verb
I do not smoke.
You do not walk very quickly. 
We do not wash cars.  
They do not work here.
Third Person Singular Structure
 She/He/It | does | not | verb
She does not smoke.
He does not walk very quickly. 
It does not wash cars.  
Jane does not work here.
Verbs - question
 Do | I/you/we/they | verb | ..?
Do I smoke cigarettes?
Do you walk very quickly? 
Do we wash cars too?  
Do they work here?
Third Person Singular Structure
Does |  She/He/It | verb | ..?
Does she smoke cigarettes?
Does he walk very quickly? 
Does it wash cars too?  
Does Amy work here anymore?
Verbs negating question
 Do | I/you/we/they | not
 verb | .....?
Do we not smoke cigarettes?
Do you not walk very quickly? 
Do they not wash cars too?  
Do I not work here anymore?
Third Person Singular Structure
Does |  She/He/It | not
verb | .....?
Does she not smoke cigarettes?
Does he not walk very quickly? 
Does it not wash cars too?  
Does Amy not work here anymore?
Contractions may be used whenever they sound nice;
is not = isn't  | are not = aren't
Ain't is in the vernacular
do not = don't | does not = doesn't
This is a nice looking dog.
Does your dog bite?
My dog does not bite.
I thought you said your dog...
This is not my dog. (Pink Panther)
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